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July 20, 2017

State hikes individual, business health premiums

by Claire Withycombe/Capital Bureau
Rates on the individual market will increase as much as 14.8 percent, while businesses will see hikes as much as 10.1 percent.
PARIS ACHEN/CAPITAL BUREAU - Kodey Kern, assistant manager at Foster Buds, weighs some 'Alpha Blue' marijuana buds at the company's location at Northeast Glisan Street in Portland Tuesday, July 18, 2017.
July 19, 2017

New state laws designed to protect against federal crackdown on marijuana

by Paris Achen/Capital Bureau
Lawmakers took steps to protect customers' identification and strengthen measures to prevent leakage of product into the illegal market.
PARIS ACHEN/CAPITAL BUREAU - (File photo) Election workers at the Marion County Clerk's Office in Salem sort ballots from a ballot drop in 2016.
July 19, 2017

Proposed measure would ban taxes on food sales

by Paris Achen/Capital Bureau
The initiative petition by the Northwest Grocery Association would prohibit taxing every point of food sales, except for restaurants.
COURTESY OREGON SECRETARY OF STATE'S OFFICE - About 18,000 of the approximately 2.55 million registered voters in Oregon choose "other" as their party affiliation when they register to vote.
July 17, 2017

18,000 voters registered as 'other' run gamut

by Claire Withycombe/Capital Bureau
The irreverent 'other' voters often represent a 'classic way to protest,' one expert says.
EO MEDIA GROUP - Former Gov. John Kitzhaber
July 14, 2017

Ethics investigation of Kitzhaber, Hayes to move forward

by Paris Achen/Capital Bureau
Oregon Ethics Commission voted unanimously to pursue an up to 180-day investigation of former governor and first lady on allegations of using office for profit, conflict of interest and accepting gifts.
 - Hemp grows in a field in Oregon in this 2016 file photo. Two bills that would have brought industrial hemp into the mainstream of Oregon agriculture have died without explanation in the 2017 legislative session.
July 12, 2017

Hemp legislation died despite lack of opposition, hefty price tag

by Mateusz Perkowski/Capital Bureau
Without the bills, OSU won't be able to provide extension services to hemp growers.
PARIS ACHEN/CAPITAL BUREAU - (File photo) Dr. Bud Pierce, former GOP gubernatorial nominee, at the Oregon Capitol in Salem
July 12, 2017

Term limits would remove 25 legislators from office

by Paris Achen/Capital Bureau
SEIU analysis shows Democrats and Republicans would lose significant number of lawmakers under Initiative Petition 19.
CAPITAL BUREAU - If a referral of portions of the health care provider tax goes on the ballot, the state could forgo as much as $333 million in expected revenue unless the measure is approved by voters. notforsale
July 12, 2017

Provider tax referral puts $333 million in play

by Claire Withycombe/Capital Bureau
If the referral makes it to the ballot, the parts of the law in question wouldn't go into effect unless voters approve.
COURTESY PHOTO - Arin Marcus files paperwork at the Oregon Secretary of State's Office in Salem July 11, 2017, to petition for the recall of Gov. Kate Brown.
Jul 11, 2017 37

Oregon City resident launches effort to recall Gov. Kate Brown

Arin Marcus, who is associated with the Safer Oregon PAC, sought to remove Gov. John Kitzhaber from office in 2015 for the then-governor's alleged failure to intervene in Marcus's child custody case.
CAPITAL BUREAU - Despite fanfare, many controversial bills impacting agriculture lost traction.
Jul 10, 2017 35

Some Oregon farm bills quietly die, others quietly gain approval

Multiple controversial proposals impacting agriculture failed to gain traction despite fanfare.
COURTESY OREGON DEPARTMENT OF FORESTRY - A Roseburg timber company has filed suit alleging the state breached an agreement with the company when it canceled its plan to sell the Elliott State Forest.
Jul 07, 2017 31

Timber company sues state over nixed sale of Elliott

Lone Rock Resources claims the state breached an agreement with the company when it canceled its plan to sell the Elliott State Forest.
PARIS ACHEN/CAPITAL BUREAU - The Oregon Capitol in Salem
Jul 07, 2017 41

Oregon Legislature adjourns difficult session with mixed outcomes

Transportation bill seen as a triumph, but no progress was made on PERS or long-term tax reform.
PARIS ACHEN/CAPITAL BUREAU - Sen. Lee Beyer, D-Springfield, waits for colleagues on the Senate floor at the Oregon Capitol in Salem shortly before a vote on the transportation package Thursday, July 6, 2017. Beyer co-chaired a 14-member legislative committee that crafted the $5.3 billion package.
Jul 06, 2017 37

Transportation package for $5.3 billion heads to governor

The Oregon Senate passed the bill 22-to-7 Thursday in the waning days of the 2017 legislative session.
PARIS ACHEN/CAPITAL BUREAU - Rep. Rich Vial, R-Scholls, speaks at a press conference on a bill to raise the statewide smoking age to 21, Feb. 1, 2017, at the Oregon State Capitol in Salem.
Jul 06, 2017 32

Bill to raise state smoking age to 21 passes House

Oregon could become the third state in the nation to raise the legal age to buy tobacco products from 18.
PARIS ACHEN/CAPITAL BUREAU - Oregon State Capitol in Salem
Jul 06, 2017 35

State lawmakers approve state REAL ID card

Without a compliant state ID, a federal identification document will be needed to board commercial flights.
PARIS ACHEN/CAPITAL BUREAU - (File photo) A Portland Tenants United flier distributed earlier in the 2017 legislative session.
Jul 06, 2017 35

Tenant protections bill dies in Senate

The legislation began in the House as an effort to try to deter mass evictions and retaliation against tenants.
CAPITAL BUREAU - The Oregon House and Senate Thursday passed election dates for legislation sent to voters for referral.
Jul 06, 2017 34

Legislature sets election dates for bill referrals

Three GOP legislators plan to file a petition to refer the so-called health care provider tax on the ballot.
PARIS ACHEN/CAPITAL BUREAU - (File photo) Rep. Cliff Bentz, R-Ontario, at the Oregon State Capitol in Salem
Jul 05, 2017 50

House passes $5.3 billion transportation package

The statewide plan raises new taxes, fees, to fund congestion relief, roads, bridges, sidewalks, bicycle routes and transit.
Rep. Julie Parrish
Jul 05, 2017 39

Health care provider tax get closer to ballot

The tax package, signed by Gov. Brown on Monday, is meant to help offset the state's increased Medicaid costs.
CAPITAL BUREAU - The Legislature has passed a bill requiring health insurance providers  include no-cost coverage for various reproductive health procedures, including abortion.
Jul 05, 2017 38

Legislature passes bill requiring no-cost abortion coverage

The bill prohibits plans from imposing a deductible, coinsurance, copayment or other cost-sharing requirements on specific services.