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Oregon election systems weren't penetrated

Although some states reportedly experienced some level of Russian hacking into election systems, Oregon did not.

Monday morning, Bloomberg reported that the extent of Russian hacking of U.S. electoral systems was wider than initially thought and extended to 39 states. Less clear, though, was which states were subject to hacking.

The hacking included "incursions into voter databases and software systems," Bloomberg reported.

In a statement dated Wednesday, and obtained by the Oregon Capital Insider Thursday, Secretary of State Dennis Richardson said that while attempts to hack into Secretary of State Office computers were "a frequent occurrence," that Oregon's elections systems were not hacked.

Richardson added that the agency "(has) multiple layers of defense controls in place, including hardware and software designed to block cybercriminals from gaining access or misusing our systems."

Former Oregon Secretary of State Jeanne Atkins spent a good chunk of election season last year assuaging public concern about voter fraud and possible hacking into elections systems. The state's voting system isn't connected to the internet, but state databases containing voter registration information can be vulnerable.