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Oregon: the solar system's ninth planet

Huffington Post praises Kate Brown and makes Oregon sound like a world onto itself.

Gov. Kate BrownAnother week, another glowing profile of Democratic Gov. Kate Brown.

In what is becoming a routine occurrence, Brown got a shout-out in national media and praise for spearheading progressive policies.

The article on the Huffington Post focuses on health care and is titled: "Oregon Doesn't Have Time For This Obamacare Repeal Nonsense."

It does provide some more insights into how Oregon is perceived — as so in a league of its own that it is actually a heavenly body.

Here's the lead:

"Imagine a world where President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans don't want to repeal the Affordable Care Act and strip health insurance from millions of people. They want to expand it. In this parallel universe, they pass laws to make sure every kid has health care coverage and every woman has access to full reproductive care, including abortion. That includes undocumented immigrants, too.

Well, that's not happening. But this planet exists: it's called Oregon."

At this point, we don't need to write the typical disclaimer about parachute reporters writing about Oregon politics.

The article does acknowledge that the state's funding mechanisms for Medicaid — taxes and assessments that were passed this session — required a supermajority vote.

However, the article doesn't mention the effort by a group of Republicans to refer parts of the legislation to the ballot.