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Lawmaker's daughter proposes more convenient DMV hours

Christine Bynum, eldest daughter of freshman Rep. Janelle Bynum, D-Happy Valley, pitched the bill idea during a Saturday lawmaking session July 1.

REP. JANELLE BYNUM'S FACEBOOK PAGE - Left to right, Caroline, Christine, Janelle and Asa Bynum at the Oregon State Capitol in Salem July 1, 2017.Christine Bynum, eldest daughter of Rep. Janelle Bynum, pitched an idea for legislation when she visited the Oregon State Capitol on Saturday, July 1, according to the Happy Valley legislator's newsletter this month.

Bynum, a Democrat in the House of Representatives, brought all three of her children to the Capitol that Saturday. Lawmakers were scrambling to finish passing laws that day before the constitutional end of the policymaking session, and Bynum's children were out of school.

"My oldest, Christine, even submitted her own bill idea to shift business hours at the DMV to better accommodate the schedules of working families and students," Bynum wrote in an Aug. 4 newsletter to constituents. "It must run in the family!"