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Oregon Republicans peddle swag at state fair

The Democratic Party of Oregon's booth at the state fair looked starkingly austere in comparison.

PARIS ACHEN/CAPITAL BUREAU - Swag at the Oregon Republican Party's booth at the Oregon State Fair in Salem Aug. 31, 2017.SALEM — The Oregon Republican Party is prolific in peddling partisan swag, compared with its Democratic counterparts.

The GOP's booth at the Oregon State Fair in Salem features a plethora of pins, apparel and mugs.

PARIS ACHEN/CAPITAL BUREAU - Tune Out Fake News mug at the Oregon Republican Party booth at the Oregon State Fair in Salem Aug. 31, 2017For $20, you can buy a "Making America Great Again" hat and for $2, a "Stop the Oregon Tax Factory" button. Our personal favorite was the "Tune Out Fake News" mug.

PARIS ACHEN/CAPITAL BUREAU - Peter Hall of the Baker County Democratic Party, center, and Alan Holland of Polk County Democratic Party, right, at the Democratic Party of Oregon's booth at the Oregon State Fair Aug. 31, 2017.In contrast, the Democrats' booth looked starkly austere: free water and some non-committal Kate Brown signs. Is she running for reelection? The sign might deceive the eye into thinking it's a campaign sign, but there's no "for" in between "Kate Brown" and "Oregon governor.

State Republicans have developed a reputation for offering a bounty of clever merchandise to the GOP faithful, party sympathizers and collectors of political memorabilia.

During the Republicans' Dorchester Conference March 2-3 at the Salem Convention Center, attendees could purchase "Make Dorchester Great Again" hats or bid on a Trump winery gift set and a memoir about Ronald Reagan's personal assistant during the former president's retirement days. Raffle prizes included Greg Walden law chairs, growler and backpack.

The fair concludes Sept. 4.