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Energy director will head to Oregon Treasury

Official takes on the role of Chief Operating Officer, a newly created position at Treasury.

STATE OF OREGON - Michael KaplanMichael Kaplan, head of the Oregon Department of Energy, is taking a position with the decidedly less controversial state treasury.

Kaplan inherited a troubled agency just as it emerged from a scandal involving "business energy tax credits," a state plan to incentivize renewable energy development that went sideways.

In his new role, Kaplan will be taking a newly created position — Chief Operating Officer.

He'll help oversee financial programs and take on some of the responsibilities of the deputy treasurer.

Kaplan starts the new position Dec. 4.

His move comes as the treasury implements the consolidation of several state-administered "financial empowerment" programs, such as the new retirement savings plan and the Oregon 529 Savings Network, which helps people save for college costs.

Kaplan was described by Treasurer Tobias Read in a prepared statement as a "proven leader," and the release said Kaplan trimmed the energy agency's budget, advocated for sunsetting underperforming tax credits and made his own position subject to Senate confirmation.

A search for a new director is underway.

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