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New lawmakers share New Year's resolutions

Most of the 2018 resolutions have to do with their new role as Oregon legislators.

HOUSE REPUBLICANS - Rep. Jeff Helfrich, R-Hood RiverIn less than 40 days, the Oregon Legislature will begin its 2018 session, with at least three new lawmakers in office.

Oregon Capital Insider reached out to the newest legislators to find out a little more about them, specifically, their New Year's resolutions for 2018.

Name: Rep. Jeffrey "Jeff" A. Helfrich, R-Hood River

District: House District 52, covering Clackamas, Hood River and Multnomah Counties, including The Gorge and Mt. Hood areas

Occupation: Retired Portland police officer

New Year's resolution: "Continue striving to win the day every day: Be the best father, husband and public servant/leader I can for my family, community, district and the state."

HOUSE REPUBLICANS - Rep. Daniel Bonham, R-The DallesName: Rep. Daniel Bonham, R-The Dalles

District: House District 59, covering parts of Clackamas, Deschutes, Jefferson, Marion, Wasco and Wheeler counties

Occupation: owner of Maupin's Stoves and Spas

New Year's resolution: Bonham says he doesn't have a practice of making New Year's resolutions. That said, he added: "As I look forward to 2018, I am eager to engage in the legislative process down in Salem with the ultimate goal of making life better for all Oregonians."

HOUSE DEMOCRATS - Rep. Andrea Salinas, D-Lake OswegoName: Rep. Andrea Salinas, D-Lake Oswego

District: House District 38, covering all of Lake Oswego and part of Southwest Portland in Clackamas and Multnomah counties

Occupation: former lobbyist

New Year's resolution: "I no longer make New Year's resolutions, but I do take the opportunity of a new year to reflect on the past year and set goals for the new year. It's a new year with a new start and for me, goal-setting sets me up for success more than a resolution. I set personal, quantifiable goals like eat more servings of vegetables per day and increase miles walked per week. I also set interpersonal goals that are more relationship and behavior related. These are less quantifiable, harder to achieve but more rewarding in the end. Then, and likely obvious, I set professional goals. These are usually year-long goals that require a work plan and other people to help me achieve my goals--like coming up with concrete options to move Oregon forward with universal, affordable access to health care."