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Cylvia Hayes's expands businesses

The former first lady still uses her position to promote her businesses and book.

PAMPLIN FILE PHOTO - Former First Lady Cylvia HayesEven as Cylvia Hayes faces thousands of dollars in fines for violating ethics laws that prohibit using public office for private gain, the state's former first lady continues to profit from her high-profile office.

Last month, Hayes changed her employment information on her Facebook page. Instead of working at 3E Strategies LLC — her environmental consulting firm at the center of a 2015 influence-peddling scandal — she posted Dec. 10 that she is the principal and founder of Cylvia Hayes.

In fact, she registered Cylvia Hayes with the Secretary of State's Office in March.

The company provides public speaking, "high-impact" consulting, and "resiliency and empowerment" trainings and seminars and touts Hayes' former position as first lady.

Hayes writes on her website that she is a certified Resiliency and Empowerment coach through the Tony Robbins-Chloe Madanes strategic intervention coaching institute.

While her fiancé, Gov. John Kitzhaber, was in office, Hayes won a paid fellowship and several contracts for 3E Strategies and used state resources and staff to arrange travel and other services for her business.

The influence-peddling scandal prompted Kitzhaber to resign in February 2015 and led to the succession of then-Secretary of State Kate Brown as governor.

In late November, Hayes reported on her Facebook page that she was finishing the last pages of her book, "Shame on Me: From Broken to Broken Open."

"This book has been an odyssey," Hayes wrote. "I had written the entire first draft of the first version and even had an agent working with it when I realized the first version wasn't the book I needed to write."

Hayes wrote that the first draft told the story of "the pain and humiliation" of the scandal.

"The book that I am finishing now is all about how we can turn trauma into triumph and how our biggest pains can become the greatest gifts we ever give ourselves."

It's unclear whether Hayes has an agent for the second rendition of her book.