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'Nasty' gastrointestinal bug making Capitol rounds

Nasty stomach bug making the rounds at the Capitol could complicate short session.

JAIME VALDEZ/PORTLAND TRIBUNE - Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, a family physician from Beaverton, at OHSU Family Medicine Gabriel Park.Beware the "nasty" gastrointestinal virus going around the Oregon Capitol, says family doc Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, D-Beaverton.

Steiner Hayward warned colleagues and others in the Capitol to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer during Thursday's floor session.

"I'm putting on my doctor hat, you can tease me all you want, but hand sanitizer is your best friend," Steiner Hayward said. "This thing is nasty, as some of you who have experienced it know, and I jut want to urge you to be super careful with hand-washing and hand sanitizer...it would be really nice not to see the Capitol devastated by norovirus over the next couple of weeks."

Added Steiner Hayward: "It's contagious as heck."

A wildly nasty and contagious stomach bug could add some drama to the short legislative session, though of a kind that the press corps — who are lower on sleep, adequate nutrition and sunlight during the five-week period — would probably prefer to avoid.