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Secret to surviving session: Be prepared

Oregon Capital Insider looks at how the political reporters in the Capitol basement prep for session.

OREGON CAPITAL INSIDER - Political reporters' possessions in the basement of the Oregon State Capitol in SalemSALEM — The "short" 35-day legislative session makes great demands on the lawmakers, staff members, lobbyists and journalists who are involved.

Oregon Capital Insider took a look at how some of the political reporters prepare to survive the session.

• Make yourself at home: The first step is to make the basement office where you'll spend several hours a day look a little more like home. Andrew Selsky of The Associated Press, a former international correspondent, brought in a rug from Guatemala and a painting by his mother-in-law of a beach in Cape Town, South Africa, where he used to live, to make his office near the communal microwave a little cozier.

• Stay organized: On the opposite end of the press corps' office, Connor Radnovich of the Statesman Journal stocked up on disinfecting wipes and a whiteboard, where he jots down all of the bills and issues he needs to check up on. But don't rush to his office to find a scoop. He says he doesn't write his exclusives on the board.

• Wear the right clothes: "I bought a few shirts and a new backpack," said Chris Grey of the Lund Report. The new backpack "blends in better because it's not bright orange," like his previous one.

• Keep up your energy: In Oregon Capital Insider's office, we keep a bottle of Vitamin D. This replaces all of the sunlight we miss while we're reporting from the basement.