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Insider Index: This week in Salem, by the numbers

Here are 10 numbers that illustrate some of this week's big, and small, Oregon political stories.

Here are 10 numbers that illustrate some of this week's big, and small, Oregon political stories.

• 63.85: Percent of Josephine County voters who voted in May 2017 to prohibit the production of recreational marijuana in the county's "rural residential" zones.

• 1: Lawsuits the county is filing against the state alleging its marijuana laws conflict with federal law, and that the county should be able to enforce an ordinance resulting from the countywide ballot measure.

• 30: Percentage of Oregon voters who support IP 31, which would require a 3/5 majority vote on all tax-related measures in the legislature, according to Our Oregon and Oregon AFSCME.

• 2: Statewide initiative petitions — IP 38 and 39 — that Our Oregon and Oregon AFSCME are withdrawing this week, they say, due to low support for IP 31, which 38 and 39 were intended to counteract.

• $250: Price a Hillsboro insurance agent, Skip Molen, charged customers for international driving permits, which you can only get from two authorized sellers: the American Automobile Association (AAA) and the American Automobile Touring Alliance.

• $25: Price the permits typically cost. Molen sold about 200 before getting caught, and pleaded guilty to one count of felony theft. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail and probation and his state insurance license was revoked.

• 820,370: Non-affiliated voters in Oregon, as of February.

• 04/06/18: Date "Lean On Pete," a new drama about a boy and a racehorse, filmed in Portland and Burns, comes to theaters.

• 3: Jefferson County Sheriff's deputies who have been indicted for criminally negligent homicide in connection with an inmate's death at the local jail a year ago, according to the AP

• 92: Age of Wilbur Ternyik, known for his advocacy for and work on conserving the Oregon Coast, who died April 2, according to the Register-Guard. Ternyik used a tomahawk as a gavel while leading Oregon Coastal Conservation and Development Commission meetings.