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Wacky Oregon primary write-ins

Some voters didn't like their choices, so they wrote in their own candidate, real or imagined.

MARION COUNTY ELECTIONS - A sample of creative write-in candidates in the race for State Senate District 11 in the Willamette ValleySALEM — Apparently dissatisfied with their choices, some Oregon voters indulged their creativity to come up with compelling candidates in the May 15, 2018, primary election.

In Marion County, one voter wrote in "Sister Smells" as an alternative to the two Democratic candidates for Senate District 11, incumbent Peter Courtney, Oregon's longest-serving Senate president and his challenger, Joyce Judy, retired software project manager, both of Salem. The biblical character, Moses, also received a vote.

Another Marion County resident voted for "The Big Rent Ant" for county commissioner.

Clackamas and Marion were the only two counties to post names of write-in candidates on their websites this week. More write-in names will be released after other counties certify their election results.

Andrew Jones, Clackamas County elections manager, said write-ins weren't as wacky this election as during general elections. Most in Clackamas County were celebrities or superheroes, such as Mickey Mouse, Clint Eastwood and Captain America.

"There weren't that many this time," Jones said. "Usually, when there is a creative one, we share it around the office, but I didn't hear about any this year."