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17 suits against Trump have cost more than $100,000

The state of Oregon has joined in 17 lawsuits against the federal government since the New York billionaire took office as president 18 months ago.

COURTESY PHOTO - Oregon Attorney General Ellen RosenblumThe state of Oregon has joined a total of 17 lawsuits against the policies of the Donald Trump administration since the Republican New York billionaire took office 18 months ago.

The 17th lawsuit, filed Wednesday, challenged the administration's policy of separating families who cross to the United States from Mexico without prior authorization.

In conjunction with participation in that lawsuit, the Oregon Attorney General's Office also filed a brief supporting litigation to stop the administration's temporary protected status terminations for foreign nationals escaping humanitarian crises or other unsafe conditions in El Salvador, Haiti and Honduras.

It's unclear how much all of this litigation has cost state government. A spokeswoman for Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum did not immediately have a tally of the legal expenses associated with the cases at press time Thursday, but the cost exceeds $100,000, according to previous reports.

The state's first challenge of the administration's policies followed Trump's Jan. 27 executive order temporarily banning visitors, students, workers and refugees from seven Muslim-majority nations. The U.S. Supreme Court earlier this week upheld the ban.

Other suits have ranged from challenging Trump's order to end federal subsidies that help low-income Americans pay their health insurance premiums to his termination of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Rosenblum has been vocal about her criticism of the administration's actions.

Last year, the attorney general said she and her employees at the Oregon Department of Justice were "all-hands-on deck in this fight to look out for our people and our state in the face of one of the most dangerous leaders in American history."