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'It's not Cascadia'

Transportation Commissioner Robert Van Brocklin made light of his clumsiness during a transportation commission meeting Thursday.

OREGON CAPITAL INSIDER - Left to right, Transportation Commissioners Robert Van Brocklin, Tammy Baney, Alando Simpson and Martin Callery.Amid a serious conversation about tolling, Transportation Commissioner Robert Van Brocklin made a ruckus when he inadvertently knocked over a digital timer perched atop his table during a public meeting Thursday at the Oregon Department of Transportation headquarters in Salem.

After enduring jokes about his clumsiness from his colleagues, Van Brocklin joined in the quips."It's not Cascadia," he said, referring the 9.0-maginitude or greater earthquake that scientists believe will eventually hit the area.

Part of tolling revenue could go toward upgrades of nine bridges along Interstate 205 in Portland that would make the bridges more resistant to earthquakes.