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We found gold in the Oregon Blue Book

Check out the online Oregon-themed jigsaw puzzles on the State Archive's website.

COURTESY SECRETARY OF STATE'S OFFICE - The Oregon Blue Book.During the holiday seasons the Insider often has to look high and low for material. This year we found gold.

Tucked away on the "blue book" pages on the Secretary of State's website is a collection of 12 online jigsaw puzzles depicting scenes around the Oregon Capitol and 12 depicting scenes from around the state.

The puzzles are ranked easy, medium, difficult and very difficult. There's a 40-piece picture of the governor's ceremonial office that doesn't look too hard. The 150-piece picture of the Capitol at night, on the other hand, could be a challenge — about two-thirds of the puzzle is dark sky.

But the "very difficult," 300-piece picture of a storm on Doherty Rim east of Lakeview looks as though it will live up to its description. Start with the borders.

Since 1911 the Oregon Blue Book has been the state's official fact book about state government, and just about all things Oregon. A bianniel print edition is mandated by state law. The online version is regularly updated and in addtion to the jigsaw puzzles includes all sorts of interactive games.