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Off the record at Mahonia Hall?

The governor invites the Capital Press Corps to an off-the-record reception. Good luck with that.

OREGON CAPITAL INSIDER - Mahonia HallGov. Kate Brown issued an unusual, actually, unprecedented, invitation to the Oregon Capital Press Corps to join legislative leaders for a reception at the governor's mansion Jan 28.

Brown has invited individual journalists into Mahonia Hall since she took office in early 2015, but this is the first time she has welcomed the whole contingent of reporters who cover the Capitol into the mansion.

The invitation gives reporters a chance to mingle with legislative leadership and hear about the upcoming legislative session. But the invitation comes with a caveat, which might be tricky for journalists. Everything is off the record, unless the reporter gets express permission from the source to put the information on the record.

"This event is to be considered off the record unless an attendee agrees to provide on the record comment," the invitation states.