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Marijuana violations end licenses for some growers

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has been cracking down on recreational marijuana growers.

PAMPLIN FILE PHOTO - Marijuana leafFive Oregon recreational marijuana growers were made an example of why growers should obey state laws during the Oregon Liquor Control Commission's meeting Thursday.

Three growers — Cultivated Industries and Evio Labs in Bend and Evio Labs in Eugene — surrendered their licenses over violations of the state marijuana law. Two others, Odin Installations and Rogue Farmer, were given a choice of license suspensions or paying thousands of dollars in fines.

Cultivated Industries failed to have 24-hour video surveillance of its plants and failed to hand over footage of the surveillance to regulators, as required by Oregon law. Evio in Bend intentionally omitted information from the statewide marijuana tracking system, according to a stipulated settlement. It also gave marijuana samples to employees and improperly reported those products as destroyed.

Evio in Eugene was accused of purposely destroying evidence of itsa violations.

Rogue Farmer failed to keep surveillance footage for the required 90 days and had cameras positioned incorrectly. It had the choice of paying a $7,620 fine or a 44-day suspension of their license.

Odin Installations committed violations while holding a promotional event, including failing to tag and track all marijuana products. They were fined $2,310 or a 14-day suspension.

The fines go to Oregon's General Fund, which goes to cities, counties and drug and alcohol abuse programs. In the past two years, OLCC has contributed $493 million to the General Fund from license fees and fines for violations.