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The 2019 Legislature's freshman class

The Legislature debuted Jan. 14 with 11 new state representatives and two new senators.

OREGON LEGISLATURE - Sen. Jeff Golden, D-AshlandThe Oregon Legislative Assembly debuted this week with 11 freshman state representatives and two senators.

The news on Election Night was the Democrats' gain of a supermajority. That designation means they have three-fifths of the Legislative Assembly and with unanimous party agreement, can pass new taxes under law.

OREGON LEGISLATURE - Rep. Rachel Prusak, D-West LinnWins by Sen. Jeff Golden of Ashland, Rep. Courtney Neron of Wilsonville, Rep. Rachel Prusak of West Linn and Rep. Anna Williams of Hood River flipped Republican seats to Democrat.

The less publicized change in the Legislature was the influx of Republican women.

OREGON LEGISLATURE - Rep. Shelly Boshart Davis, R-AlbanyFive out of the seven new Republican legislators in the House of Representatives are women, including Shelly Boshart Davis of Albany, Christine Drazan of Canby, Cheri Helt of Bend and Kim Wallan of Medford.

The other new members of the Legislature include Sen. Shemia Fagan of Portland, a former state representative; Tiffany Mitchel of Cannon Beach, Marty Wilde of Eugene, Gary Leif of Roseburg and Jack Zika of Redmond.

Zika is the only legislator whose last name starts with a Z.