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For the sake of accuracy, an awkward question about skin tone

Reporter follows the adage: If your source appears to have a burnished tan, check it out.

COURTESY JONATHAN LOCKWOOD - Republican strategist Jonathan Lockwood.Political scribe Aubrey Wieber of the Salem Reporter presented an awkward question to Republican strategist Jonathan Lockwood earlier this week for a profile by Oregon Capital Bureau.

Lockwood, who works at the Capitol in Salem, appears to have a "burnished tan," but as a journalist, Wieber couldn't make an assumption about that. So, on Wednesday afternoon, Wieber just asked.

"I have a strange question for you," Wieber wrote in a text message to Lockwood. "I am trying to briefly describe your appearance. You're more tan than most in Oregon. Is that a natural skin tone, or is it fair to say you have tanned skin?"

Lockwood seemed amused by the question and sent a laughing emoji.

"My skin is tan because I'm a sun-worshipping Italian-American," Lockwood wrote.

What Wieber didn't get to bottom of was where Lockwood finds sunshine in Western Oregon.?