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Brown family anecdote provides lesson for GOP

Governor offers strategy advice for how Republicans can help shape policy despite Democratic supermajority.

COURTESY KATE BROWN - First gentleman Dan Little and Gov. Kate Brown.Gov. Kate Brown gave an interesting analogy Thursday for how Republicans can stay engaged in Oregon policymaking in the midst of a Democratic supermajority.

During a meeting with reporters in her office at the Capitol, Brown likened Republicans' dilemma to a situation she found herself in about 20 years ago when her stepdaughter, Jessie, wanted a dog.

Brown said no.

"Her dad said yes, and her mom said yes," Brown said. "Well, guess what happened. We got a dog, and the dog didn't really fit her needs or her lifestyle, and the story ended very badly."

Brown said she learned that instead of trying to prevent the dog from joining their household, she should have been more involved in choosing what kind of dog Jessie adopted.

At the time, her husband and stepchildren lived in Enterprise, where Little worked for the U.S. Forest Service.

The dog ended up biting the Enterprise police chief and was put down as a consequence, Brown said.

She didn't specify what breed the dog was or what type of dog would have made a better candidate for her stepdaughter, but she said the event was a learning experience.

"My lesson … from that was when you see a train coming down the track to get on the train and see if you can move it … in a way you think makes more sense.

"Next time, when I know I'm going to be overruled, I'm going to figure out how I can get on the train and make sure that it meets the needs of the family…and that's what I'm encouraging Republicans to do."?