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Majority pushing rent control with no amendments

Republicans says Democrats are shooting down any changes to sweeping legislation.

Sen. Tim KnoppIn less than a month — lightning speed by bureaucratic standards — legislation to cap rent increases and restrict no cause evictions sailed through the Senate without any changes.

Next week, it's expected to do the same in the House. A vote on that chamber's floor is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday.

Republican efforts to modify the bill have fallen on deaf ears.

In both the Senate Housing Committee and the House Committee on Housing and Human Services, the Democratic majorities shot down proposals for moderate changes.

Republicans have said that Democrats reached a pact in which they would consider no amendments to the legislation, and the bill reaches the House floor unchanged from when it was introduced.

In the Senate committee Feb. 4, Democrats rejected a proposed amendment by Sen. Tim Knopp, R-Bend, to delay the bill's effective date from immediately upon the governor's signature to October 2019.

"It would be good to give (landlords) some time to be able to react to (this) substantial legislation," Knopp said.

There is "nothing like it in the country," he added.

Later, on the Senate floor Feb. 12, Sen. Dallas Heard, R-Roseburg, gave an impassioned speech about how Democrats, many who are his friends, have given Republican input no consideration.

In the House committee, Democrats defeated a proposed amendment by Rep. Ron Noble, R-McMinnville, to allow cities to decide whether they limit rent increases and another proposal by Rep. Jack Zika, R-Redmond, to apply the restrictions only to cities with populations of 150,000 or greater.