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Senators launch 'Capitolizing' podcast

Sens. Shemia Fagan and Jeff Golden attempt to demystify the legislative process for the general public.

TWITTER SCREENSHOT - Sens. Shemia Fagan, D-Portland, and Jeff Golden, D-Ashland, launch a new podcast called 'Capitolizing.'Freshmen Democratic Sens. Shemia Fagan and Jeff Golden have started a new podcast that tries to make the happenings at the Oregon Capitol more relatable for the general public.

Fagan, a civil rights attorney from Portland, and Golden, a broadcast journalist from Ashland, have dubbed the show, "Capitolizing."

In a video that Fagan tweeted out Wednesday, the two legislators explain what the show's about while flashing photos of themselves and scenes of at the Capitol set to hip rock music.

Golden says the show answers to key questions every week:

"What do Oregon lawmakers actually do? And why the hell should you care?"

The promo on the podcast website states: "Senator Jeff Golden and Senator Shemia Fagan strip out the confusing stuff, highlight the stories of the everyday Oregonians who show up to be heard and hopefully inspire you to find little, or big, ways to impact the decisions that affect your life, your family, and your planet."

"Capitolizing" debuted Feb. 15, and since then, the legislators have had three shows. So far the topics have focused on Fagan's pet issues: Oregon's first-in-the-nation rent control law and her proposal to lower the voting age to 16 – which, if passed, also would be a first-in-the-nation law.

That podcast is a lot more edgy than the last time two legislators attempted a talk show.

In 2017, Reps. Bill Post, a Republican from Keizer, and Dan Rayfield from Corvallis started a talk show on Facebook, where they also attempted to demystify the workings of the Legislature.

The show eventually fizzled out amid the chaos of the end of the legislative session and never revived.