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This week in Salem, by the numbers

Here are 10 numbers that illustrate some of this week's big, and small, Oregon news stories.

Here are 10 numbers that illustrate some of this week's big, and small, Oregon news stories.

17: Children that Bryce Cleary, a Portland doctor, recently found out he fathered through a decades-old sperm donation to Oregon Health & Science University, according to The Oregonian.

$5.25 million: Amount Cleary is suing OHSU for because, he says, the university promised that his sperm would be used to father at most five kids, and that those kids would be born to women outside of Oregon.

18: Months Gov. Kate Brown has said she could delay a state plan to address addiction to drugs, according to Willamette Week. She won't support legislation or budget bills to address addiction in the 2020 session, the weekly reports.

923: Wildfires on lands protected by the Oregon Department of Forestry this fire season, which ended Tuesday.

56: Percentage decline this year from the average acres burned.

8: Oregon cases of respiratory illness associated with vaping, two of them fatal, according to the Oregon Health Authority.

0: Relatives Secretary of State Bev Clarno can hire, according to the Statesman Journal, which reported on advice the state ethics commission provided Clarno, who was appointed Secretary of State earlier this year.

$547,000: Amount state lawmakers spent in 2017 hiring their relatives, according to The Oregonian. State law allows legislators to hire relatives — and they often do.

$15 million: Approximate amount labor groups gave to state races in Oregon in the 2017-18 election cycle, according to FollowTheMoney.org.

2: Public employee unions — the AFL-CIO and AFSCME — who have announced they won't endorse or give money to candidates who voted for this year's reforms to the state's pension system.