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Insider Index: This week by the numbers

Here are 10 numbers that illustrate some of this week's big, and small, Oregon news stories.

Here are 10 numbers that illustrate some of this week's big, and small, Oregon news stories.

23: Area, in acres, of the Lloyd Center mall, the "largest and oldest" mall in the region, according to Willamette Week.

$936,000,000: Amount Oregonians received in food stamp benefits in 2018, according to The Register-Guard. The Trump Administration this week announced a new rule tightening the program's work requirements that could slash benefits for hundreds thousands of Americans.

4: Hillsboro public employees who sued their union Thursday over its handling of revocation requests.

$27,000,000,000: Unfunded actuarial liability in the state's public pension system, OPB reports.

5: Ballot initiatives submitted this year to tamp down the debt in the state's public pension system, according to OPB. As of last week, each has been withdrawn.

$9,000,000: Donations a campaign to boost the state's cigarette tax via next year's ballot have received from health systems and the Oregon Nurses Association, according to the campaign.

4,883: Signatures that backers of an effort to recall Rep. Tiffiny Mitchell, D-Astoria, needed to collect in order to be successful. The effort failed this week, according to the activist group behind the recall, Timber Unity.

2,000: Residents in Cave Junction, Ore. The town plans to rely on a volunteer police force to monitor criminal activity on surveillance cameras, according to The Oregonian.

$170,000: Amount the University of Oregon is paying in a settlement to two former architecture professors who accused the university of age discrimination, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.

$913,374: Amount the CEO of Goodwill Industries Columbia-Willamette makes, according to Willamette Week.