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How many have recovered?

Oregon health officials are distributing a lot of data about the COVID-19 outbreak, but lack some details.

COURTESY THE BULLETIN - Oregon health officials can't say how many Oregonians have recovered from COVID-19.After a great deal of badgering by reporters from several news organizations, the Oregon Health Authority last week started releasing a lot more data about COVID-19 cases, including the number of hospitalizations, the number of patients on ventilators and the availability of hospital beds.

One interesting omission that has intrigued reporters — there's no mention of how many people have recovered from the virus, or how many victims who were hospitalized have been released.

Philip Schmidt, who is with the Oregon COVID-19 Joint Information Center, said statistics were unavailable on the number of COVID-19 patients who have recovered, including how many have been discharged after being treated.

The most commonly reported statistics are cumulative from when the outbreak began in January include the number of confirmed cases, the number of tests and their results, the number of hospitalizations, and — most grimly — the number of deaths.

OHA officials told The Oregonian/OregonLive that it doesn't have data on recoveries because local hospitals and health departments aren't providing it. In calling hospitals and health departments, The The Oregonian/OregonLive found only OHSU Hospital disclosed the information.

As of Thursday afternoon, of 20 COVID-19 patients admitted to the hospital, 11 had been discharged, one died, and eight remain in hospital.